2019 Conference Presentations

Symposium 1 - Keynote presentation

  • LouAnn Burnett, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, USA 
    What IS risk assessment?
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Biosafety Stream 1 - Biosafety training

  • Michelle McConnell, University of Otago, New Zealand
    Why are biosafety practices required in a university setting?
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  • Bernadette Bradley, Curtin University, Australia
    Managing your stakeholders’ grief associated with the positive change you are driving
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  • John Kopinski, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland, Australia
    How you can glamorise biosafety training?
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  • Scott Burnell, Griffith University, Australia
    Training governance: Carrots, sticks or beer?
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Biocontainment Stream 1 - Decontamination

  • Shane Riddell, CSIRO, Australia
    WTF! – What to fog?
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  • Benedict Uy, University of Auckland, New Zealand
    As good as they say? The efficacy of commercial decontamination agents against common organisms.
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  • Brett Cole, Biosafety, Australia
    Laboratory decommissioning – Roles, responsibilities, stakeholders, standards and safety
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  • Shane Riddell, CSIRO, Australia
    Batch treatment – does size matter?
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Biosafety Stream 2 - News from the regulators

  • Annette Dougall, Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Australia
    Importing biologicals into Australian laboratories: The associated animal biosecurity risks and how they are managed
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  • Lisa McEwan, Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Australia
    The import permit application and assessment process for biological products
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  • Richard Spence, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand
    New Zealand’s National Biocontainment Laboratory – an update on construction, commissioning and operational transition
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  • Apratim Chakrabarti, Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR), Australia
    Updates from the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR)
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Biocontainment Stream 2 - New facility design

  • Clive Jones, Kuttner Collins & Partners, Australia
    A new holistic approach to the design of PEQ poultry hatcheries compliant with DA's latest Class 7.10 requirements
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  • Samuel Tung, Wood PLC, Australia
    Future trends for Superlabs
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  • Jim Hargreaves and Rob McAdam, Jacobs, Australia
    High containment laboratory study tour – Sharing our learnings
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  • Andrew Bayly, Emec Technology, Malaysia
    The new PC3, Animal PC2 and Arthropod PC2 at Malaysia’s new National Institute of Health - Lessons learnt when planning and building a new bio-containment facility
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Symposium 2 - People and biosafety in practice

  • Stephen Coulter, Coulter Advisory, Australia
    How facility design impacts health and wellbeing?
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  • Lisa van Duin, University of Melbourne, Australia and June Freeland, Victoria University, Australia
    Professional development opportunities in biosafety
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  • Ian Barr, WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza, VIDRL, Peter Doherty Institute, Australia
    How the WHO GISRS (Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System) responds to influenza outbreaks and unusual influenza virus infections?
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Symposium 3 - Tony Della-Porta Oration

  • Andrew Gray, The Phoenix School Program and BioQuisitive, Australia
    DIY Biology, safety, and community accountability
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Symposium 4 - Standards in practice

  • Gordon McGurk, OmniAdvisory, Australia
    Standards in practice: An assessment of biosafety realism
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Biosafety Stream 3 - International challenges

  • Watson Teo, Singapore Health Services, Singapore
    The road to compliance is paved with good intervention
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  • S.S. Vasan, CSIRO & University of York, Australia
    Creating and sustaining infectious diseases emergency response capability in metropolitan areas
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  • Trevor Drew, CSIRO, Australia
    Dual use research of concern? Is Australia meeting its international obligations?
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  • Sam Poynter, University of Tasmania, Australia
    Development of a process management system for seed and plant imports to the University of Tasmania
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Biocontainment Stream 3 - Facility safety and energy efficiency

  • Kristian Kirwin, Justin Rowe and Nick Ristevski, Airepure Australia, Australia
    Practical methodology for the testing of HEPA filters in the field
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  • Gordon Sharp, Aircuity, Inc., USA
    A review of the new Canadian CCAC guidelines on air quality monitoring & reducing vivarium energy use
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  • Andrew Hill, CSIRO, Australia
    Liquid nitrogen storage in microbiological containment?
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  • Rod Howard and Joshua Magor, CSIRO, Australia
    Challenges of decontamination realized through the decommissioning project
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Symposium 5 - Balancing needs and wants

  • Belinda Lees, Department of Agriculture, Victoria, Australia
    You can't always get what you want
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  • Richard Tukia, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand
    Engaging internal and external stakeholders (Operator Workshop 2019)
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  • Warren Hendrickson, HDR, USA
    International biocontainment challenges in lower resourced areas
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  • Neil Walls, Neil Walls Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia
    Notes from Antarctica. An informative presentation by an expeditioner from the 1980s.
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Symposium 6 - Antibiotic resistance

  • Siouxsie Wiles, University of Auckland, New Zealand
    Antibiotic resistance: The end of modern medicine?
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