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Thursday 01, Oct 2020

Who can believe we are in October already!  Thankfully for most of us COVID-19 has only been a huge inconvenience; loss of work, adjusting to working from home, balancing educating children with work, using inefficient zoom meetings, cancelled events, separation from loved ones, flight credits, lost opportunities, interrupted holidays and in general just a loss of freedom that we have come to love and expect and dare I say take for granted in Australia and New Zealand. 

Amongst this inconvenience there is a human side to why it is important that we follow the rules and respect the tough restrictions, too often the news is faceless and impersonal and it takes a personal story from someone we know to focus our mind and be thankful that we haven’t had to suffer.   Jeff Hunt is a foundational member of ABSANZ and will be well known to many of you, Jeff has very kindly put together a very personal account of his family's recent experience of COVID-19.  Jeff and his daughter Emily were both keen to share their story so that the general population get a sense of what the experience is like. Please click here to read their story!

The pandemic response hasn’t been perfect however all things considered Australia and New Zealand have largely been spared the brunt of COVID-19. Thankyou Jeff for your personal insight, the ABSANZ community wish Emily a speedy recovery.

I do hope you will join with us to celebrate the achievements of ABSANZ during 2019-2020 at the upcoming Annual General Meeting - see below for further information and have already blocked out your calendar for the Summit in November.

Stay safe,

Stephen Coulter

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