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Nov 29

International Conference on Biosafety and Laboratory - Hybrid Event in Berching, Germany

Start Date
29-Nov-2021 8:30 am
End Date
30-Nov-2021 5:00 pm
(UTC+01:00) Europe/Stockholm

Please note that the event times are local German time, not Australian or New Zealand.

With the events and developments of 2020, the topic of biosafety experiences a substantial expansion onto the field of medical care beyond classic high-safety laboratories. It shows that science, research and stationary treatment of patients with highly contagious diseases all tackle comparable tasks in important aspects: minimizing biological risks, protecting life and ensuring the continuous operation – especially in times when the recovery of patients and the prevention of infections depend upon robust research and analytical results being available as soon as possible. Research and medicine are therefore working on different aspects of the same global health. As a result, requirements, principles and experiences in the field of biosafety are increasingly being integrated into medical research, analysis and treatment of patients with highly contagious diseases.

This year‘s conference is centered around the planning, building and commissioning of high-security laboratories and facilities with similar requirements regarding biosafety. The range of topics includes building technology and laboratory technology, new standards for high-security laboratories, project reports, public health in a global context, as well as lessons learned from - then - 2 years of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

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