SARS Coronavirus (2002-2004): What we could have learnt

SARS Coronavirus (2002-2004): What we could have learnt by Dr Tony Della Porta
12 November 2020
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Dr. Tony Della-Porta is an internationally renowned expert in biosecurity, biocontainment and biological safety.

After attaining his PhD qualifications in microbiology, Tony joined CSIRO's Division of Animal Health and was involved in commissioning the Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) high containment microbiology facilities in Geelong.

During his 30 years at AAHL, Tony became Deputy Head of Laboratory, retiring in 2003 from his position as Manager for Biosecurity, Information and Safety Services, to begin Bio2ic.

Tony has since used his expertise to provide consulting services world-wide through his company Bio2ic, including the WHO investigations of the SARS-CoV incidents in Singapore and Taiwan.  He is the Past President of ABSANZ and a past-member of the IFBA Board.


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