Call for Abstracts Now Open

Dear Colleagues,

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 13th ABSANZ Conference: The Future of Containment – Thinking Outside the ‘Facility’ in Brisbane, 4th to 8th November 2024.

Join us to hear leading experts discuss the future of containment under changing scientific and environmental circumstances, and to examine what containment may look like in non-traditional settings of emerging importance. This year’s topics will explore innovative solutions to containment and biosafety and biosecurity practices both inside and outside the lab for now and the not-too-distant future.

The conference will bring together a network of biosafety and biosecurity professionals, researchers, architects, engineers, regulators, suppliers, safety, and facility managers to share their experience, insights, and best practice solutions. The conference continues to provide a unique opportunity for experts from academia, and the biosafety and biosecurity industries to interact and apply their knowledge and skills to major challenges and changes facing biosafety and biosecurity.

We are now accepting abstract submissions for presentations that align with the themes outlined below. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your insights and ideas with your colleagues, and to contribute to the ongoing conversation on the critical role of biosafety and biosecurity in broad settings across Australia, New Zealand, and around the globe.

Conference Theme: The Future of Containment – Thinking Outside the ‘Facility’

Abstracts are now invited for topics related to biosafety and biosecurity implications of the following:

  • Food and nutritional security (running field trials; increasing production and availability; facilitating access; supply chain integrity and stability; alternative foods; evolution, and release of gene edited products; assessing and managing risks and threats).
  • Public and/or personalised healthcare (clinical trials, including manufacturing and logistics;  bio-risk management; designing health translation facilities; clean room, nanotechnology and pharmaceutical containment facilities).
  • Building robust governance and best practice frameworks (principles of biosafety and biosecurity; legislation and standards; ethical considerations; pathways to market; emerging tools and practices; responding to new or emerging requirements; adapting to new threats).
  • Reducing and mitigating climate change (Net zero buildings; containment facility design; renewable energy integration; sustainable resource and consumables management; adapting to climate challenges).
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability (protecting endangered or significant flora and fauna; managing invasive species; intentional release of biohazards; protection of genetic resources).

A few things to note: 

  • Authors of multiple submissions will be required to submit each abstract separately. 
  • All abstracts are to be submitted via our website by 5pm Friday 24th of May 2024, you will receive an automatic email once successfully submitted.  
  • Successful abstracts will be published on our website.  Please check thoroughly before submission.


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2024 Conference Abstract Submissions