Biologicals Consultative Group

ABSANZ is a member of the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment's Biological Consultative Group (BCG).

Held twice each year and coordinated by the Animal and Biological Imports Branch (ABIB) of the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE), the BCG facilitates dialogue relating to imports of biological goods. The meeting provides an opportunity for:

  • stakeholder representatives and the Department to work together to better understand and improve processes and regulation across the biosecurity system;
  • consultation on departmental policy and/or industry initiatives affecting importers of biological goods; and
  • to support efficient and effective biosecurity risk management outcomes.

Several other divisions within the Department attend the meeting to present updates on policy and activities being undertaken within their scope of activity and to provide an opportunity for questions to be raised by BCG members. The department also reports on key performance indicators relating to the permit issuing activities for biological goods.

ABSANZ representation occurs via the Regulatory Liaison Committee. Nominated representatives attend these meetings to:

  • provide feedback on the current experiences of members*;
  • advocate for system improvements that benefit members as well as support regulatory outcomes.

 *Please note that entity specific issues are unable to be raised in this forum. More information can be found on the DAWE website.