Regulatory Liaison Committee


Terms of Reference

  • Develop a workplan to be approved by the Board
  • Serve as a conduit between members and regulators to provide information to members on both proposed and implemented changes to Regulations and Standards
  • Collate comments of members on regulatory scheme performance, proposed changes to legislation and submit and advocate concerns on their behalf
  • Liaise with Regulators to seek changes to Regulations or regulatory decisions where the decision/outcome is not evidenced based.

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Committee 2019

Chair:  Michelle McConnell,  University of Otago

Angelene Holton,  Plant & Food Research NZ
Amy Jones,  Griffith University
Lisa van Duin,  University of Melbourne
Lynda Boldt,  University of Melbourne
Jim Hargreaves,  Jacobs Group
Sam Poynter,  University of Tasmania