Governance, Finance and Risk Committee

Terms of Reference

•    Develop a workplan to be approved by the Board
•    Document the rules, relationships, systems and processes by which authority is exercised and controlled within ABSANZ
•    Ensure work complies to the law
•    Include the mechanisms by which the Board, Committees and Executive are held to account
•    Recognition and management of risk across all areas – strategic, operational, financial, governance, reputational 
•    Review and monitor the proposed annual /conference revenue and expenditure budgets
•    Ensure that the financial affairs are independently audited by the nominated auditor.

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Committee 2020

Chair:  Carl Ramage,  Rautaki Solutions

Barry Wards,  Ministry of Primary Industries
Michelle McConnell,  University of Otago
Katherine Garnett, Ministry of Primary Industries
Roger Butcher,  External Member
Stephen Coulter,  Coulter Advisory
Tom Rimmington,  Rimmington & Associates