Education and Training Committee


Terms of Reference 

Develop a workplan to be approved by the Board


  • Webinar Program
  • Workshop training eg. CSIRO 
  • IFBA program including exams and presentation at conference


  • Gather relevant reference materials, scientific, engineering and practical knowledge of biosafety and disseminate as appropriate 
  • Resources available on website
  • Discussion forums
  • Newsletters
  • Direct mail out to members
  • Neil Walls Scholarship
  • Tony Della Porta Oration

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Committee 2020

Co-Chairs:  Allan Heckenburg,  Biosafety Pty Ltd
                     Barry Wards,  Ministry of Primary Industries

Alfred Chung,  BECA Limited
Allison McCarthy,  AgResearch
Bernadette Bradley,  Curtin Univeristy
Elizabeth Collins,  University of South Australia
Sarah Johnston,  Westmead Institute for Medical Research
Stan Karaoutsadis,  Jacobs Group