2024 ABSANZ Conference Presenters

Alfred Chung| BECA

“Moving Towards Greener Containment Facilities”


Alfred Chung Bio  Alfred Chung Abstract

Andrew Hill |CSIRO ACDP

“Specified Bathogen Free?”


Andrew Hill Bio  Andrew Hill Abstract

Bernadette Bradley| Curtain University

" Use of macroorganisms as primary containment facilities for microorganisms"


Bernadette Bradley Bio  Bernadette Bradley Abstract

Brett Cole |Biosafety International

“Crypto Currency – The cost of a Cryptosporidium outbreak on local communities and public swimming pools”


Brett Cole Bio and Abstract


Emma Ludwig| Hassell

“More than a 'Facility" The CSIRO National Collection Building”


Emma Ludwig BioEmma Ludwig Abstract 

Emma Morris |MPI

“Safety Science - The excellent adventure"


Emma Morris Bio  Emma Morris Abstract


Gilles Tremblay | Merrick & Company

“Vintage large scale, containment facility decontamination, decant, decommissioning and demolish (The 4-D's)”


Gilles Tremblay Abstract

J T Paulley | CSIRO ACDP

“Development of the framework for review and approval for gain-of-function research at ACDP”


JT Paulley Bio JT Paulley Abstract



Laurelle Bird and Amelia Milne| Aurecon

“Operational to Embodied Carbon: Targeting Net Zero in new Laboratory Design”


Laurell and Amelia Bio Laurell and Amelia Abstract

Liz Collins| University of South Australia

“Thinking Outside of The Facility – Innovative approaches to remediating incidents and breaches.”


Liz Collins Bio Liz Collins Abstract




Paul Mallaurino |Wood

“Enhanced Commissioning & Verification: Compliant “Designed” Facility – absolutely - but will it remain compliant?”

Paul Mallaurino Bio   Paul Mallaurino Abstract


Paul Martell|  CSL Seqirus, Brad George & Conor Dorman | Wood 

“Clean Contained Facilities for Biological Manufacturing - HVAC and Building Fabric Issues. A Case Study: CSL Seqirus Products of National Significance (PNS) Facility”


  Paul, Conor, Brad Bio's  Paul, Conor, Brad Abstract



Philippe Calland| Plasteurop

“CO2 impact & Decarbonated steel for cleanroom components, 3. Walk-on ceilings & trends in European cleanroom design.”


 Philippe Calland Bio Philippe Calland Abstract


Saleta Perez| CSIRO

“Upgrading the 40-year-old Black Mountain Containment Facility”


Saleta Perez Bio Saleta Perez Abstract


Sam Tung| Wood

" Containment Laboratories in Multi-Tenanted Urban High-Rise Buildings – Risks and Opportunities"


 Sam Tung Bio Sam Tung Abstract

Shane Riddell | CSIRO ACDP

“Pasteurisation of contaminated milk – is it effective?"


 Shane Riddell Bio Shane Riddell Abstract